Jonathan Declares Amnesty for Boko Haram


Information reaching me
from Aso Rock Presidential Villa, the seat
of executive power in Abuja, the federal
capital territory, is pretty sensational and
it is one that will most likely put an end
to the senseless and heartless killing of
too many innocent Nigerians by the
deadly Boko Haram sect with impunity.
A top source told me that
“ Mr President have accepted the truth.
Dialogue is the way out“.
It is believed that a high-powered
delegation will be put in place
immediately to meet with Boko Haram
leaders one-on-one and settle all the
issues that have made them turn their
fury on innocent people in the country in
the past few years, sending thousands of
our country’s men and woman to their
early graves.
Few ex-leaders and respected individuals
will lead the team to avoid mistakes that
could anger Boko Haram.
More details coming…


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